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Saturday painting progress shots :) excited to keep working this!!!! :)

So happy with my current piece :) still needs some working, but got a good basis to work with.

From the time of earliest childhood, I was enthralled by books. First, just by their material mysteries. I studied the pages of print and illustration, stared myself into the wells of fantasy that are the hallmark of the awakening inner life. Mostly there was pleasure, but not always. I remember a true paralytic terror brought on by the cartoon Dalmatians pictured on the endpapers of my Golden Books. For a time I refused to be alone in the room with the books, even when the covers were safely closed… But that was the exception… A page was a field studded with tantalising signs and a book was a vast play structure riddled with openings and crevices I could get inside…

— Birket, S. 1994. The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age.Β